Q: There are a lot of companies that offer photo tours. Is that the same as a photo workshop?

A: No. Photo tours are centered around sight-seeing.  They do not include critiques, personalized instruction or workflow/editing sessions.  Workshops, on the other hand, are all about photography. You will get individualized in-the-field instruction as well as slide-show critiques and specific skill-based talks. Depending on the workshop, you might also get processing and post-production instruction. 

Q: so what do you mean by "assignment-based" workshop?

Before each days shooting, we will discuss a different aspect of the principles and goals involved in creating unique and thought-provoking images. From using depth-of-field to focus a viewer's attention, to learning how to ask questions with composition, attendees will learn the practical and creative tools needed to create an indelible image.  By focusing on one particular skill at time, we break down image-making into discrete actions that can be transferred to any subject matter. 


Q: How else is Dirty Boots unique?

A: David and Leonardo are professional photographers, but they are also highly-trained teachers (David has a PhD and Leonardo has two masters degrees).  To a workshop participant, the best photographer in the world is only as good as her ability to facilitate learning.  With decades of experience, both in the classroom and out, David and Leonardo know how to convey ideas and inspire students.

Q: How much photography experience do i need to sign up for a workshop?

A: Our workshops are at aimed at people who enjoy photography and like to use it as a tool to experience the world.  This could range from those who shoot primarily on automatic to those who know how to use the zone system to determine correct exposure.  We will tailor each workshop to the level of the participants, but the only minimum requirement is a wilingess to challenge yourself photographically and to explore new ways of seeing your surroundings.

Q: do I need any specific camera or gear?

A: The camera you use is completely up to you. Some workshops lend themselves to certain gear (a longer lens is helpful for anything involving wildlife, for example), but our goal is to help you become a better photographer with whatever you feel comfortable shooting.  We often have demo cameras and lenses participants can tryout from the workshop, and if you want to rent equipment, we can get special rates from our partners at Midwest Photo Exchange .  Attendees must have some way to edit and transfer files to participate in critiques. While a laptop is ideal, certain phones and tablets also have these capabilities.